Introduction to School of Basic Medical Sciences, Lanzhou University

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School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS) is located at the medical campus of Lanzhou University. It was established in 2004 and originated from school of basic medical sciences of Lanzhou medical college which was found in 1932.
Now we have 206 faculty members, of which are 25 professors, 29 associated professors and 82 assistant professors. The present dean is Prof. Rui WANG, and Prof. Xiaobing LU is the secretary of CPC committee.
SBMS offers courses for all medical majors on the preliminary stage and is responsible for the teaching and education for students at all levels: postdoctoral researchers, students for doctor’s or master’s degree, undergraduates of 5-year-training, trainees of special courses, etc. The general level of teaching and research is leading medical researches among schools in Lanzhou University. Some of the research projects have taken the top position in China, and some are even at the most advanced level of the world.
Departments and Institutes
Human anatomy, histology and embryology
Biochemistry and molecular biology
—Design and synthesis for new drugs
Medical psychology
Medical genetics
Pathogenic biology
Integrated traditional Chinese with western medicine
Operative surgery
Evidence-based medicine
Doctorate programs
Integrated Traditional Chinese with Western Medicine
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Master programs
Basic Medical Sciences,
Integrated Traditional Chinese with Western Medicine,
Pathology and Pathophysiology,
Anthropotomy and Histoembryology,
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
Clinical Integrated Traditional Chinese with Western Medicine,
Basic Integrated Traditional Chinese with Western Medicine,
Clinical Medicine
Medical Imaging Sciences
Laboratory Medicine
Nursing Sciences
Grants and equipments
We have more than 20 laboratories with the total value of over 40 million RMB equipments and also received grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Health of China, the provincial government of Gansu, and some international cooperative projects.
International interactions
We have established cooperative relations with some foreign medical schools, colleges and institutes in USA, UK, Japan, German, Australia, etc.
Publications and achievements
The faculties have published hundreds of papers in famous domestic and foreign journals, including The Lancet, Medical Research and so on. In recent years, our faculties have been awarded several provincial or ministerial level prizes, and the most honored prize, the Second Class Prize of National Natural Science Award in 2009, was awarded to Professor Rui WANG, the dean of SBMS.
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